Quality consciousness is what makes having the best of doctors, hospitals, a. laboratories as clients. A meticulous system, well trained man power, the best of technologies for specialised testing, an un-compromised approach to instrumentation and wise selection of quality reagents have ensured that we are looked upon as a yardstick for quality diagnostic laboratory services in North India.


Medicos Centre services clients from all corners of North India. With an increased workload, we have brought in state of the art machines which are capable of running hundreds of samples at the same time. This leads us to offer services involving specialised technologies at a competitive rates.


Computerised online reporting system ensures that the results are obtained in all the recipients within a few minutes of processing and authentication of work.


With a massive network set-up spreading across the North India, reaches out today to 10 cities, about 50 laboratories, 500 consultants & medical doctors as regular contributors throughout the length and breadth of the North India. This ensures that the benefits our services reach the people at every corner with same quality, cost and speed.


All our centres are linked through our software system which has facilitated the integration of all departments and has brought the entire operation on a single platform. Tracking consignments, specimens, results and quality, is all though dedicated link channels. Our patient portal lets our clients access all results in a very simple and straightforward manner.

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